Solar Rooftop PV Module

Complete EPC on Turnkey Basis Solar Project Drawing & Designing INC with Balance of System (Solar Panel & inverter supply by Client) Installation & Commissioning without material supply.

Solar Water Heaters

We deal in Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) and Flat Plate Collector (FPC) Solar water Heaters from reputed Manufactures. We ensure the best performance in both the Units and prompt services.

Solar Light Systems

Eleodoro Solar provides the most efficient and long lasting LED bulbs and backups system to help bring out the best of the the Solar lighting units saving more energy. 

Solar Water Pumps

Eleodoro Solar offers Solar Pumps in the range of 1 HP and above though custom power can be provided.
Some of our brands gives 40% more discharge as compared to other ordinary pumps.
Our Solar water pumps are sourced from the largest Pump manufacturer.

Heat Pump

Eleodoro Solar sources the most efficient heat exchangers with intelligent control. This is the best solution for Industrial scale heating like swimming pool.

Why Eleodoro Solar

Our services in the Solar Energy Industry come with the best technical expert with many years of experience.

Technical Expertise

Ultimate technical expertise that has taken us to niche position in the solar energy domain.

Energy efficient

All our units are custom made to suit your needs; made with high precision for efficiency.

Environmental protection

Eleodoro Solar has been at the forefront of energy conservation and environmental protection

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