Eleodoro Solar Services

We bring you closer to nature while minimizing your Power cost

Solar Project Consultancy

Eleodoro Solar gives Consultancy for PPA Approval for Connectivity, Drawing Approval, CEIG Approval Funding & Investment. We pride ourselves in being best Solar consultants

Solar Project EPC

Eleodoro Solar provides Solar Project Drawing & Designing INC with Balance of System (Solar Panel & inverter supply by Client) Installation & Commissioning without material supply.


Eleodoro Solar is well known for end to end Installation and Annual Maintenance of all Solar PVC panels, Solar water heaters and Solar Pumps.

Shaping the future of Solar Energy

Eleodoro Solar offers services that are a game changer especially to the SMEs. With many years in the Solar Industry, we help you connect the dots to streamline your Solar project.

Site Survey

Site survey is very important and 1st step to develop the solar plant, we have our expert team who visits the site and analyze with all necessary aspects & provide input to our design team, to develop optimum design.

PPA Agreements

PPA Agreement is important step; as it will decide the revenue generated by the plant. We have tie-up with the various industrial and commercial consumer, who can sign the PPA at optimum rate, with solar project developers.

Funding & Investment

To start any project, funds are most important factor. Based on the funds available only developer can plan some capacity of project, we have tie-up with the investors who can provide funds to solar projects having sufficient IRR.


An efficient design will ensure maximum output with maximum availability of plant; we have our expert team for designing rooftop solar plant to utility scale plants.

Project Execution

We have a team of technically sound professionals. Our project team ensures proper execution of project as per the designs provided by our design team.

Operation & Maintanence

After installation & commissioning of plant, our O & M team ensure the proper operation of plant , with maximum availability & optimum generation.

Customers reviews

It was easy to set up the units for a client. The client now enjoys energy efficient systems thanks to Eleodoro Solar
Armond Kumar
Interior Designer
We got a few panels installed at our premises. Now we can enjoy electricity without fearing the bills at the end of the month.
Mila Kunis
We got a 1 ton water heater for our hotel and we like the services. We have already seen a drastic reduction in Electricity bills thanks to machine efficiency
Mike Sendler


What size solar panel system do I need

You need to work out how much electricity you use and when you use it. A typical home uses 20kWh of energy a day. A 5kW solar system would meet most of the daytime power needs of such a home.

How much money will I save using solar power?

It takes anywhere from two to seven years for a solar system to pay for itself – after that is when you can start counting the savings.  Payback times vary depending on where you live in India

Roof-Mounted or Ground-Mounted?

Roof mounted solar panels are generally less expensive because they do not require support structures. You also make use of otherwise un-utilized space on your roof. Tilting for higher efficiency will depend on support structure.

How do I get compensated for the electricity I produce?

Net Metering allows solar energy generators to offset their energy consumption with their energy production. When your solar panels produce more electricity than you’re using on site, the excess electricity is sent out to the local grid.